Amur-Point Company was founded in the year 2006. During that short tenure the recruitment agency providing highly qualified translators for oil and gas projects transformed itself to the recruitment agency for employment and selection of personnel, rendering services for large Russian and foreign companies. Today, we have a large CV database of not only Russian but also foreign specialists and every day we are receiving more and more resumes from job seekers. They are people of various fields and qualifications, like technicians, specialists, engineers, managers, designers in such areas as construction of industrial and civil facilities, electric and electronic industry, field exploration and development, drilling, foreign economic activity, IT, construction machinery etc.

A large number of our employees is occupied at oil and gas projects and other large construction facilities in the Far East of Russia. But geography of our business activity spreads also outside the RF border. Our candidates are also involved in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Iraq projects.

Quality is top priority of our service. Foreign companies and associated branches comprise 70% of Amur-Point’s customers. All foreign companies set forth stringent requirements related to the quality of services rendered and are very scrupulous in selection of contracting companies. Our company has a clear understanding of how successively fulfill an order in compliance with strict requirements of our customers. Amur-Point service is characterized by flexible customer approach. Every issue is solved with respect to any individual request from our customer. We are always ready to offer the most favorable solution.

Human resource is the most important component of success and can motivate the development and prosperity of any company. Amur-Point’s personnel are a result-oriented team of certified specialists having psychological, economic and technical educations and knowledge of English. Our employees are a group of energetic and creative individuals capable of generating new ideas and contributing into company performance. Every employee is able to adjust to the different work environment and easy to communicate with any customer.

Maria Grechenina Dec 9
Candidate’s CV - is the first document Amur-Point’s specialist will see. In most cases, CV requires one glance to understand whether the customer or potential employer will be interested in the applicant. Therefore, it is very important to prepare CV taking into account the tips of this article and with assistance of Amur-Point’s personnel if needed.
This article will help to prepare resume that will be comfortable and readable for different specialist in employer company. After receiving the resume HR specialist can find quickly all needed information and chose the appropriate candidate. Then resume will be send to Manager who will read detailed description to pick up the final candidates. Amur-Point’s personnel have wide experience in preparation and analysis of CV and are always ready to assist candidates to improve CV.
Daria Petko
Amur-Point’s proposal to undergo an interview for an open position indicates pure and simple interest in a job candidate openly shown by Customer. Customers prefer interviewing candidates over the phone taking into account the specific character of projects’ location and remoteness from candidates’ place of residence. This will help you to understand the phone interview process.
Daria Petko
All over the world a cover letter is a mandatory part of CV. CV, as every document, has rather a fixed format. A lot of useful information is often left beyond the scope of the CV and can be reasonably incorporated into a separate latter.
This article will assist you to prepare a friendly letter from a person who is seeking for a good job to the employer seeking for a good employee.
Alexandra Shumkina