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All over the world a cover letter is a mandatory part of CV. CV, as every document, has rather a fixed format. A lot of useful information is often left beyond the scope of the CV and can be reasonably incorporated into a separate latter.
This article will assist you to prepare a friendly letter from a person who is seeking for a good job to the employer seeking for a good employee.
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Amur-Point Company was founded in the year 2006. During that short tenure the recruitment agency providing highly qualified translators for oil and gas projects transformed itself to the recruitment agency for employment and selection of personnel, rendering services for large Russian and foreign companies. Today, we have a large CV database of not only Russian but also foreign specialists and every day we are receiving more and more resumes from job seekers.

Candidate’s CV - is the first document Amur-Point’s personnel specialist will see. In most cases, CV requires only glance to understand whether the customer or potential employer will be interested in the applicant. Therefore, it is very important to prepare CV taking into account the tips of this article and with assistance of Amur-Point’s personnel.

The best way to prepare CV is to use Microsoft Word or other text editor. You can find a template for CV in *.doc format here in Russian and here in English version.

CV Writing Procedure

1. General

Full Name;

Age: indicate full date of birth;

Place of residence: city, region, country;

Contact details: hereby, indicate all contact details useful to get in touch with the candidate:

  • Mobile phone number
  • Fixed phone number, indicate city code
  • Email address
  • Other accounts (Skype, ICQ, etc.)

Purpose: position the candidate would like to obtain/ which job vacancies are on consideration, which positions are applied for, the industry branch of concern;

All data (work experience, skills, education) indicated in a CV by an applicant shall be compliant with the purpose.

Wage expectations: to be indicated if a CV is forwarded for the definite job vacancy

If you forward your CV with respect to announcements where a level of wage is not specified, when indicating your wage expectation, it is recommended to adhere to the golden mean, taking into account realistic evaluation of your professional skills.

2. Summary on Qualification

A very important section, where you are required to reflect most significant achievements, skills, experience in accordance with the position being applied for. Hereby, indicate only those data that can be useful for performance of associated job duties. Depending on a job vacancy, the summary on qualification of a job seeker may differ.

Indicate as follows:

  • Professional skills
  • Level of foreign language proficiency (available work experience with respect to foreign languages)
  • Knowledge of computer programs
  • Business contacts
  • Personal qualities (suitable for the position being applied for)

3. Work Experience

This section shall contain places of employment in reverse chronological sequence, i.e. starting from the last place of employment:

  • company name
  • period of employment (dates of start and end)
  • occupation of the company and department, where the applicant worked, are welcomed to be indicated
  • position
  • duties (the most important point!)
  • Hereby, the experience relevant to the desired job shall be emphasized. Job functions shall be described as much detailed as possible (minimum 8 points), paying attention to your strong points.

  • professional achievements
  • Here indicate what benefits the company got as a result of the candidate work.

If a job seeker is a graduate without work experience, it is necessary to specify all other information on the previous activities such as internship, temporary employment, active participation in university events etc.

4. Education

Specify the first main educational institution, full name, year of entry and graduation, faculty/qualification, specialty.

5. Additional Education

This section shall contain information on the second higher education and most significant courses, trainings, seminars in reverse chronological sequence. Do not indicate all courses/certificates/permits, but only those related to the target job vacancy. The rest information you may tell during the interview, if required.

6. Additional Information

This section contains the following points

  • foreign language proficiency
  • knowledge of computer programs (indicate program names)
  • driving license
  • list of professional references

Neither exaggerate, nor understate your abilities and knowledge, but specify only real level of PC and foreign language knowledge.

Additional Data to Enhance a CV

Language of CV

The best way is to forward a CV both in Russian and English. Please, remember that in this case you will be required to prepare and send two files. Submittal of a Russian/English CV as one file is not recommended.

File Name

When sending a CV to email address, pay attention to the name of CV file. Recruiters and customer’s representatives receive a lot of mails, so in order your CV will not be lost among the variety of others, the name of the file shall contain the following information: the last name of the candidate,a position, month and year of CV preparation.

Emailing CV

When emailing a CV, you should write a cover letter, indicating the position being applied for, the source wherefrom you obtained the vacancy information, as well as your contact details.

Amur-Point’s personnel have a broad experience in preparation and analysis of CVs and are always ready to assist candidates in improving their CVs in order a customer can obtain the most accurate information on skills and experience of job seekers.

You may send your CV to the following email address:
Open positions available in Amur-Point Company you may find here.

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