Celebrating 10 year Company Anniversary!

On 10 July 2016, Amur-Point Company celebrated its 10th anniversary.

Company Anniversary

On 10 July 2016, Amur-Point Company celebrated its 10th anniversary.

The Company management surprised their personnel with a unique present idea – meeting and dining at a restaurant in Saint Petersburg, where one of the Company offices is located.

The Company employees were lucky to visit a new Amur-Point office.

A celebration of this event was held at “Moscow” Restaurant.

Throughout the evening the Company’ colleagues and Directors expressed kind words and good wishes.

Over the past 10 years, the Company managed to reach new heights in staff recruitment: that is invaluable experience, new customers and projects. All this made possible by well-coordinated teamwork.

Summarizing the results of 10-year work, we believe that the most interesting work remains ahead.

The Company management team thanked all the employees who have been involved in work, and have made direct contribution at every stage of work process.

Polina Vaschilina Jul 10
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In 2017, Amur-Point concluded contracts with a number of key contractors for the construction of Amur GPP. Amur Gas processing Plant will be located in the Far Eastern Federal District, Svobodnensky District in Amur Oblast.
In 2015, The Company concluded a contract with “Kola Yard” LLC, subsidiary of NOVATEK, which is one of the largest independent producer of natural gas in Russia, Murmansk Oblast.
Arctic LNG-2 will become the second LNG-project operated by NOVATEK.
In 2015, a major event for the Company was the establishment of Amur-Point Subdivision in Saint Petersburg. Establishment of a new office became an important step for Company growth.
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