Sakhalin Oil and Gas 2012

In September 2012, Amur-Point company took part at the 16th annual conference Sakhalin Oil and Gas 2012.

Sakhalin Oil & Gas

In September 2012, Amur-Point company took part at the 16th annual conference and exhibition Sakhalin Oil and Gas 2012 which was heldin Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk on September 24 - 27.

This business event provided a unique opportunity for Amur-Point to meet with it’s current customers and establish relationships with another companies by presenting it’s services.

We also attended hands-on presentations from engineers and technical directors of such companies as Kvaerner, KENTZ, Baker Hughes, ABB, SEIC, Exxon Neftegas Limited and many others.

Amur-Point company as one of the conference participants received the latest projects updates from Operators and General Contractors, as well as information about their future plans. This help Amur-Point to collaborate with customersmore efficiently and effectively.

As a result of the conference meetings Amur-Point company has signed recruiting, labor supply and translation agreements with total amount of 19 million rubles per year.

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In 2017, Amur-Point concluded contracts with a number of key contractors for the construction of Amur GPP. Amur Gas processing Plant will be located in the Far Eastern Federal District, Svobodnensky District in Amur Oblast.
On 10 July 2016, Amur-Point Company celebrated its 10th anniversary.
The Company management surprised their personnel with a unique present idea – meeting and dining at a restaurant in Saint Petersburg, where one of the Company offices is located.
In 2015, The Company concluded a contract with “Kola Yard” LLC, subsidiary of NOVATEK, which is one of the largest independent producer of natural gas in Russia, Murmansk Oblast.
Arctic LNG-2 will become the second LNG-project operated by NOVATEK.
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Amur-Point Company was founded in the year 2006. During that short tenure the recruitment agency providing highly qualified translators for oil and gas projects transformed itself to the recruitment agency for employment and selection of personnel, rendering services for large Russian and foreign companies. Today, we have a large CV database of not only Russian but also foreign specialists and every day we are receiving more and more resumes from job seekers.
Amur-Point’s proposal to undergo an interview for an open position indicates pure and simple interest in a job candidate openly shown by Customer. Customers prefer interviewing candidates over the phone taking into account the specific character of projects’ location and remoteness from candidates’ place of residence. This will help you to understand the phone interview process.